Washing Instructions

If you love your assets and want to keep them happy, here are the proper steps to take...


  1. Always wash your whites and darks separately.
  2. Wash with cold to warm water, not hot.
  3. Machine wash on the delicate cycle.


  • BEST: Air dry in the shade. Yes, seriously.
  • IN A JAM?: Tumble dry on the cool to warm fluffing cycle and remove immediately after.


  • HIGH HEAT: Baking (literally) your underwear at super high temperatures causes the elastic and fabric to degrade at a much faster rate
  • DIRECT SUNLIGHT: Sunlight, as good as it is, is a major contributing factor to colors fading and to the degradation of the elastic and fabric
  • FABRIC SOFTENER & BLEACH: While these were great on your old tighty-whities, modern materials and fabrics do not need them to maintain that silky smooth feel
  • OVERAGGRESSIVE WASHING: Your time is valuable, we get that. But tossing your delicates (yes, we used that word) in with your jeans, towels and other rough fabrics can reduce the lifespan of your underwear. And washing on too harsh of a wash cycle can cause lint pills to develop.